Refuel after every game – When the final whistle goes.

If you are playing lots of sport then it is important that you have food and drink after sport that will replace the carbohydrate energy stores used, provide protein as well as a good mix of vitamins and minerals, and help replace the fluids and electrolytes (like sodium and potassium) lost in sweat.

This will help your body recover and also help you to feel fresh and ready for your next bout of exercise. Ideally the snack or drink should contain some carbohydrates and protein. Possible suggestions are:

  • Low fat milk plus fruit or cereal bar
  • Low fat milkshake
  • Sandwich or bagel with fish/chicken/lean meat/egg/low fat cheese
  • Low fat yogurt/rice plus banana or dried fruit
  • Fruit smoothie made with fresh fruit, juice and yogurt